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ExtremSportFilmNacht (ESFN) Innsbruck

ExtremSportFilmNacht – Austrian Tour 2010

The ExtremSportFilmNacht (ExtremeSportsFilmNight) shows extraordinary sportive performances on a top level. Breathtaking stunts and funky, crazy and never seen ideas describe extreme sports as a brilliant achievement and attitude to life! A sensational and unique mixture of Austrian and international movies of all kinds of extreme sports – all elements, all seasons!


ab 18:30 doors open und große Produktpräsentation von namhaften lokalen Händlern und Herstellern!

um 20:00 geht's dan los mit der ExtremSportFilmNacht - erstmals in der fetzigen Kulisse der Dogana!

ermäßigt: € 14,--
normal: € 16,--
2 Tage: € 23,-- !!!Kombihit mit BANFF Mountain Film Festival am 26.03 im Congress, Saal Tirol!!!!

Tickets erhältlich unter:

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Dance for the climate NL


Google Music: "Making search more musical"

"Every day we get millions of search queries about music. You want to know more about your favorite artists, find that new album or iconic song or figure out the name of that tune stuck in your head. In fact, according to Insights for Search, two of the top 10 queries in the U.S. are music-related. But often, if your answer is in a song, it can take a while to get there. We call this "time to result" — and we're always looking for ways to reduce it.

Today, we're rolling out a search feature that does just that by enabling you to search and more easily discover millions of songs, all via a simple Google web search. If you're searching for music, "time to result" is really "time to music." Now, when you enter a music-related query — like the name of a song, artist or album — your search results will include links to an audio preview of those songs provided by our music search partners MySpace (which just acquired iLike) or Lala. When you click the result you'll be able to listen to an audio preview of the song directly from one of those partners. For example, if I search for [21st century breakdown], the first results provide links to songs from Green Day's new album. MySpace and Lala also provide links to purchase the full song.

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